Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eric Dalius still has a few Client openings for 2014

Eric Dalius currently has just a few more Client openings for 2014.  Please message Eric Dalius @

Eric Dalius NY Times Bestseller Endorsement 

Eric Dalius NY Times Bestseller Endorsement

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Eric Dalius Reminds You that the $100 US Gold Index Sign Up is still Available

Eric Dalius Reminds You that the $100 US Gold Index Sign Up is still Available until after the  LIVE 10pm ET Conference Call on Monday, January 7, 2013.

$100 Sign Up STILL AVAILABLE..... 

The $100 Sign Up is still available UNTIL the site is updated AFTER the Monday, January 7th 10pm ET LIVE Call. 

This also includes the Founder Gold Passes in the back office. 

This is your window of opportunity to LOCK IN the $100 FOUNDER PRICING!!!! 

Some upcoming US Gold Index LIVE EVENTS include;

Tuesday, January 15th at 7pm - Glendale, CA - Location TBA 

Wednesday, January 16th at 7pm - Fountain Valley, CA - Location TBA 

Thursday, January 17th at 7pm - Downey, CA - Location TBA 

Friday, February 1st at 1pm - Leadership Luncheon at Corporate Office in New York, NY - Invitation Only

And remember the LIVE CALL SCHEDULE;

LIVE Call Schedule is as follows:

Mon. through Thurs. 
10PM Eastern

Dial in: 213.226.0400
Code: 610594

Eric J Dalius is available via SkypeID:  EricDalius 

You can also reach Eric Dalius on his cell 610-370-5519

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Eric J Dalius Announces that TODAY is the LAST for the $100 US Gold Index Sign Up Promotion

Eric J Dalius Announces that TODAY is the LAST for the $100 US Gold Index Sign Up Promotion

Announcement Number 1: $100 Sign Up is BACK thru THIS COMING SATURDAY, JANUARY 5TH AT 10PM ET! 

Starting at 10pm ET on Thursday, December 20th through 10pm ET on Saturday, January 5th the Pre Launch Founder pricing of $100 is BACK for global online sign ups using Checks, EgoPay, and Liberty Reserve. 

Announcement Number 2: $100 Gold Pass Founder Packs NOW Available thru this coming Saturday, January 5th until 10pm ET! 
Affiliates can now purchase gold passes under the Gold Pass Link in your back office. Gold passes can be purchased in increments of 10 up to 100 at the $100 promotional price. The Gold Pass price will revert back to $150 each. Payment options will include EgoPay, Liberty Reserve, and checking accounts. Gold Passes will be issued immediately and can then be used as payment to sign up NEW Members worldwide. This feature will allow leaders to LOCK IN this SPECIAL Pre Launch Founder Pricing for their group that sign up in the new year. Be sure to LOCK IN as many Gold Passes as you can BEFORE the January 5th Deadline! 

Announcement Number 3: Guaranteed 1% Gold Index Bonus to be paid for the next 100 DAYS!!!! 
Starting Friday, December 21st and for the next 100 days all current and newly enrolled Members/Affiliates NOW through January 5th will receive a GUARANTEE 1% GOLD INDEX BONUS PAID each business day regardless of the increase or decrease of the price of gold! If gold rises higher than the 1% according to the Wall Street Journal tracking then the higher GOLD INDEX BONUS will be paid! 

The 24 Hour Recorded has now been updated on the website under the Events link. The dial in number is 213-226-0006 NEW CODE 42729047.

There will be a SPECIAL SUPER SATURDAY Conference Call BLITZ this TODAY, Saturday, January 5th starting at 1pm ET and then each hour on the hour at 2, 3, 4, and 5pm ET to help CLOSEOUT THE $100 SIGN UP PROMOTION! The dial in number is the same as our regular LIVE call number: 213.226.0400 Code: 610594

Friday, January 4, 2013

Eric Dalius wants to know...Is It Time to Rev Up Your Marketing?

Eric Dalius wants to know...Is It Time to Rev Up Your Marketing?

This just came across my computer and I thought I would share it with you. 

In December, Apple released a software update for
the iMac and MacBook Pro.
The update improves sleep performance, enhances
router support, fixes a display issue, and improves
compatibility when using WIFI.
It's not that these systems weren't working ok, the
update just makes them work better.
That's the thing about computers, phones and other
technology, it makes perfect sense to update or get
the latest model because doing so improves performance
and the results you get.
However, when it comes to marketing, we don't always
take the time to update it.
Often it's not that we think it doesn't need it, we just
aren't exactly sure what would bring in better results.
Am I right?
For example, you have a sales letter you've been mailing
for years. It still works and attracts new clients, but not
as well as it used to.
But what changes should you make to improve it?
Having insight into how others have updated their marketing
successfully would help, wouldn't you agree?
You bet it would! 
Letting someone else go to the trouble and expense of
testing strategies to find out what worked and what didn't
would save you a lot of time, frustration and money.
You'd be able to "rev up" your marketing so it is getting
maximum results, which could mean the difference of
thousands of dollars.
Plus using something already proven to work can save you
months of time and hundreds or thousands of dollars in
testing costs.
Would you like to suck more money out of the marketplace
without having to go through the aggravation of testing?

Be sure to check out Eric J Dalius latest MLM project at

Eric Dalius Invites You to the US Gold Index Super Saturday Conference Call Blitz.

Eric Dalius Invites You to the US Gold Index Super Saturday Conference Call Blitz.  This is the perfect time to learn about the power of Gold Indexing through the US Gold Index Opportunity where you can capitalize on the upside of Gold with NO loss.

January 5th - Starting at 1pm ET - SUPER SATURDAY CONFERENCE CALL BLITZ ! 

Starting at 1pm Eastern Time on Saturday, January 5th will be the first of 5 calls for the day! The remaining calls will be EACH HOUR ON THE HOUR. That's 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5pm EASTERN TIME! The dial in number is 213.226.0400 Code: 610594 

This your day to jump start your US Gold Index business by simply inviting NEW people to each one of our LIVE CALLS! 

Just let the people that you know that you just got involved with an opportunity that we can make money when the price of GOLD goes up with no downside loss, the company pays in GOLD, and we are at the TOP! 

US Gold Index 

P.S. How many people will you be inviting to the LIVE CALL BLITZ ? 

P.P.S. Between NOW and THEN be sure to have your people dial our 24 hour Recorded Call at Recorded Call: 213.226.0006Code: 42729047